The Journey


   Michael, The Beautiful Mind Behind The Kush Life Movement, Initially Was Your Typical Black Male Raised Up On The South End Of Inglewood, California. Growing Up Blessed In A Wonderful Family Life He Proved To Be Smart And Creative But Unfortunately That Wasn't Enough To Stop The Ugly Influences Of Injustice, Poverty, Drugs And Violence That Come With This World. Fortunately With The Guidance Of His Grandmother He Found God And With The Mentorship Of His Best Friend He Was Able To Learn The Knowledge Of His Black Culture But That Still Wasn't Enough To Shield Him From The Satisfying Sins Of Money And Power That The Streets And The Hustle Provides. Making A Substantial Income At The Time From Cannabis Proceeds And Finally Feeling An Escape From Poverty, He Had His First Taste Of Success And Learned Valuable Skills That Would Be Key In The Journey Towards Entrepreneurship. Seeking First A Music Career And Needing A New Moniker He Searched For The Perfect Handle To Express His Hunger And Ambition And Soon Came Up With A New Concept, "The Kush Life". Continuing Growing His Crafts And Skills In Varying Arts And Disciplines, He Kept Creating And Growing Under The New Moniker, Fighting His Way Through And Creating A Pathway Out Of The Self Destructive Cycles In His Community. Through Out His Continual Growth, He Learned More About God, Wisdom, Life And The History Of His People And Understood More About His Purpose At This Time. Inspired To Craft A Healing Self Care Brand For The People That Truly Needed Self Care, He Found New Meaning In His Own Designation, "The Kush Life" And The Rest As They Say Is Now History. Thank You For Visiting The Kush Life Wellness.