The Goods


 In the genuine pursuit of organic, authentic formulas from our ancestors before us, We are seeking to keep everything true to it's source. Using natural ingredients and time tested recipes, The Kush Life Wellness makes wellness products that not only benefit the company but also benefit the wellness our community and the entire world. Handmade in small precise batches, all of our wellness goods are carefully constructed for the best quality and effectiveness.

 Our products mix aromatherapy with healing herbs and self care to provide a full holistic experience. Some products also contain CBD, a healing compound extracted from the hemp plant. CBD is very beneficial to the body in many ways and still more uses for it are being found daily in therapeutic research. Combining quality and consideration, this "entourage effect" of mixing helpful herbs, oils and compounds from the earth helps to bring on the full effectiveness of healing and helping that my community needs.

 Our goods hope to speak to the souls of our supporters just as much as they support the body, and not just be empty products. Designed to repair, relieve and replenish, The Kush Life Wellness hopes to bring a little bit of wellbeing into your life, one loving product at a time.

Many Blessings. 

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