The Message


    Inspired by the People, God and The Great Nubian Kingdom Of Kush, known in antiquity. "The Kush Life" is a lifestyle. A way of life. Our true way of life. Loving God and one's self and knowing the sublime truth, that God is inside of you and me and that we all are one. One love to the land in which we came up and the people in it. We have to get back to loving ourselves truly, loving one another honestly and loving this planet fully. Why ? Well because we are all here together planted in the soil and growing upwards to great things.

 So let's spread the seeds of wellness and wisdom across the land. Let's get back to loving the natural, loving the true and being authentic with ourselves and our experiences in this journey. Fighting the wrongs and finding what's right in us living together.

This is "The Kush Life".

 We are currently and constantly working to bring the love back to you in all fullness and glory. We are constantly providing small batch self care that talks clearly to the Soul and nourishes the Mind and Body. To provide more light to everything, To provide more life to everyone that will receive it. 

 This is healing community centered self care with a message of universal love, that is designed to uplift us all up to inspire higher.

"You Be Well." 

Thanks for visiting The Kush Life Wellness.